The genesis of Kwadwo Sheldon and Teacher Kwadwo’s beef

Two of the country’s most creative content creators, Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon have locked horns on social media as they drag and insult each other over claims that one is better than the other.
Even though the dragging has gone on for more than twelve hours, many still do not know the real reason behind the beef.

For those of you who do not know the cause of their beef ,this is how it started.

The genesis of the beef between Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon started way back in 2018 when Pepper Dem Ministries malicious had Teacher Kwadwo’s deal with Huawei terminated. Kwadwo Sheldon did a story on Teacher Kwadwo which didn’t go down well with him and he registered his displeasure claiming Kwadwo Sheldon gave wrong reportage when he could’ve reached out to him to probe further.

So the enmity started not today until recently when Sheldon lost his YouTube channel. Teacher Kwadwo trolled him for losing his account but shared his new account for others to follow. A positive gesture I must say. However, Sheldon misconstrued it as hate or jubilation for his failure.

Thereafter, Teacher Kwadwo was soliciting for ¢1GH funds towards a car he’s anticipating to buy. Now it was time for Kwadwo to give Teacher his dose of medicine. So he took a subtle swipe at him saying he’s “e-beggar”.

What has resurrected their supposedly dead ‘beef’ today is after Teacher Kwadwo was adjudged the 2020 Content Creator of the Year (Social Media) at the just-ended National Communications Award 2020.
Kwadwo Sheldon was part of the nominees for the same category but was not able to win it although he believes he is the rightful recipient of such a coveted award.

Fans of these two content creators, took to social media predominantly Twitter to shower praises on their favourite and why they think he deserves or does not deserve the award. This led to a lot of comparison of contents and the quality of work done by Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon over the years

Interesting thing is that, Sheldon has always been acting like he’s beyond Teacher Kwadwo and shades him indirectly.

So the award scratched Teacher Kwadwo’s nerves more to react after Kwadwo Sheldon threw a shot a him.

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