Six(6) mistakes ladies make in a relationship that cost them dearly.

1. Being too Secretive.

Many women are too hidden to the extent that they will not tell their partner the things they are passing through, till it leads them to a problem.

Share your problems with him, try to let him know what you’re going through. Share with him your woes. As the saying goes “two heads are better than one”.It could be your bad past, it could be a trauma you’re going through, whatever the issue is , let him be in the known. A man that loves you will not judge you. Rather, he will help you overcome it. Don’t hide stuffs from your partner, for the results might cost you dearly if he finds out himself.

2.Been too demanding.

You should not be at his neck always. Try to do somethings on your own. Do not depend on him all the time. Let it not be that all your discussion with him is money you will always bring in. At times show him that you can do things without him. He will always be proud of you when you do so. So fight for yourself as woman of substance And support him if you have but do not give too much support, allow everything to be at equilibrium.


No man wants to have a nagging woman.

Here’s truth – you can’t nag someone into change that lasts. It just doesn’t work. You may see a short term solution or be able to get what you want because you spoke long and loud enough, but in the end, it may actually have the opposite effect in what you’re meaning to do.

Because under it all, distrust builds, walls go up, distancing occurs, intimacy is affected, our loved ones feel like they’re constantly on the defense, or under attack, and frustrations and irritations press from all sides. So you should not nag at your Man no matter what. Talk to him in a manner that is supposed to and in a respectful way, for a nagging woman always makes mistakes because she is always unhappy.

4.Being too much Self centered.

Let everything not be all about you. think outside you and learn the things that your man needs you can read this topic how to love a man so that you can know exactly how to treat your man. In conversations, it shouldn’t always be your progress only, It shouldn’t always be you and your needs only, it shouldn’t always be you and your career only.Any man that notices this character in you, starts to doubt their future with you. Be careful of being soo much self-centered in a relationship.

5. Loving too much

Women are very fond of loving a guy too much in a relationship without been able to realize if the guy loves them in the same way. Instead they are easily blinded by the first appearance and first encounter they have with the guy. They fall in love easily and once they love a guy, they will love too much without looking back at anything or if there will be problem. And that makes some men take advantage of them.

6.Not Expressing your feelings

Never you forget that he is also a human being like you, you should not expect him to know what you actually want. Try to express your feeling to him so that he will know when he is not doing the right thing to you. Show him the impression that he is on point or that he is not, so that he will take correction immediately. Don’t assume, tell him before it’s late.

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