Rawlings’ death was too easy- daughter of ignatius kutu Acheampong laments

Nana Serwaa Acheampong, daughter of late military head of state, Ignatius kutu Acheampong, has expressed her dissapointed at how easy a death former President Jerry John Rawlings had.

The death of President Rawlings came as a shock to the world. However, met with mixed reactions. Some expressed their heartfelt condolences while others felt no need to mourn the former president.

Ms Nana Serwaa Acheampong was amongst the people who felt there was no need mourning the late president.

According to the daughter of Kutu Acheampong, Rawlings had an easy pass, while his father among many others who were shot and killed on the orders of Rawlings, suffered.

Ignatius kutu Acheampong was Ghana’s head of state between 13 January 1972 to 5 july 1978 before he was overthrown in a coup. He was later executed by firing squad.

Read Ms Nana Serwaa Acheampong’s post below

“Fmr. President J.J. Rawlings is dead said my visitor, I said it’s fake news! What’s the source I asked, Graphic online he said. Then it must be true. How? Was he sick? We hadn’t heard that he was sick. I checked my phone, loads of posts confirming that yes indeed he was dead! When he was alive people often asked me how I felt about him. My response, nothing and it’s true, because if I had spent my life hating him for having killed my father, what a wasted life that would have been. Now he’s dead, and somehow I feel robbed, cheated because unlike my father, Rawlings’ death was too easy, too comfortable probably. Death by firing squad, that’s how my father died, when I was just 6 years old. At the time I didn’t understand, but as I grew up, it started to become clearer, I had no one to call father. Now I think, his children and I are the same fatherless! But at least they grew up knowing their father, they grew up being provided for and protected by their father. So no we are not the same. Rawlings took my father away from me by firing squad, leaving me with no father to provide for me or protect me. Rawlings is dead and I feel cheated. If there is an afterlife where you meet those who have gone before, I wonder what Rawlings will say to my father, who showed him kindness, and all the others he killed so ruthlessly. In this life, Rawlings never acknowledged the pain he caused so many of us, never said sorry for our loss or showed remorse. Nothing! So Rawlings is dead, to me his death was too easy, too comfortable, unlike the death he gave my father and countless others. Aside from this I feel nothing about the man, except pity for his children who now know the pain of losing a father.

Thank you to all those reaching out to me at this moment.”

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