God Bless our Homeland Ghana to make our Nation Great and Strong.

Let Peace Reign, December 7th is just around the corner and every able registered Ghanaian voter will be heading to the polls to vote for a Presidential and Parliamentary candidate they think might give them a better deal.

If for nothing at all, God has given us PEACE and we should enjoy that PEACE.

We all come from different backgrounds and supporting different Political parties and as such, shouldn’t separate us as brothers and sisters.

We are living in our Fraternity lives before this upcoming elections hence let’s remain in PEACE.

The BEAUTIFUL thing about Ghanaians,

Couples come together, might support different Political parties yet they remain in PEACE when it comes to responsibilities in marriage.

You and I have different religious background yet we organise ourselves during festive seasons to have fun, play games, teases each other etc. and STILL remain in PEACE irrespective of our religion. Do we fight ? a big NO.

In our church halls, we all have our individual football teams we support, both local and international yet we come together as ONE people after a football match irrespective of which team wins, do we fight ? a big NO.
Same happens in our compound houses and work places.

Now this touches my Heart💗 all the time,

We live in a Country where Muslims and Christians lives in the same community and enjoy PEACE. Isn’t this Beautiful ?

A country where Christians enjoy Salafest more than the Muslim.

Adey lie anaa🤫 ?

A country where the Christian President prays with the Muslim during their festivities.

A Country where a Muslim and a christian lives in the same compound house, share the same bath house etc.

A country were both religions respect each other and tolerate each other.

A country where in every occasion we have these two religions present, opening and closing prayers are shared, respected and responded to accordingly.

A country where the chief Imam calls the pastor his brother.

I come from a Country called Ghana and this is why we are PEACEFUL.

Let us therefore continue to be PEACEFUL.

Elections will come and go but we remain Ghanaians.Let us ensure that we maintain the PEACE before, during and after the 2020 elections.

May God bless us all as well as our homeland Ghana and make Her great and strong 🇬🇭

Come Out and Vote.

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Kenneth K. Neequaye®️


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