Is She playing hard to get? These are four reasons why.

A woman playing so hard to get is indeed trying to pass a hidden message to you, and smart guys in dating will pick out her childish games than novices.
And to inform you a bit, women relish the idea of having hundreds of men paying attention to them. It props their ego and enhances their security of knowing they are still attractive and are able to pull some magnetism on a number of eagle eyed men.
But if you are a decent man respecting your manliness, you’ll not lose sight of the cost you’re paying trying to win her away from her crowd of admirers. You can never negotiate a woman’s attraction of you and moving on instead, will be a great bail out of your heart.
Women have evolved in the game of playing hard to get, and the work you’ll put in to change that around is not worthy the effort.
So what is a woman trying to tell you if she is playing hard to get?

1.She does not love you
When you really care for someone, it can be easy to ignore the signals that they do not feel the same way. The longer you ignore these, however, the longer you will draw out your rejection and heartache. Some indicators include:

She won’t make time for you.

She doesn’t return your texts/calls.

She never reaches out to you to make plans.

She says she likes you as a friend.

She’s not interested in physical affection.

  1. She is seeing somebody better than you and has no interest in you.
    Girls will always go cold on you no matter how much you try to please them; it’s a life fact, brother.
    Some who feed on the attention, will not tell you to your face they are not interested. Instead, they will bait you with a little interest to oil your orbit around their life. They just want it so because they are sure their seductive power will attract more suitors, even after your exit.
    So no matter your social value, some women will not surrender to your insatiable pursuits of them, because they have better arms than yours to run to.
    Thus, gaming you is their pride and pursuing her longer, is not worthy the time brother. May be, she will after years of pushing her security walls probably after the exit of the best man from her life, but it will dawn to you that she never had that much you imagined she could offer, to soothe your anguish.
    Simply, if she is not reciprocating as much giving you the attention as the one you’re giving her, hit the road brother and find somebody else. She’s solidified to her current man and your attention of her is only an assurance of her feminine charm.
  2. She is gauging how serious you’re
    Women can be so insecure when it comes to relationships and dread rushing themselves into love.
    If she is sending you mixed hints, she is trying to tell you to walk the journey a little longer before she gives you that warm embrace, and pats you shoulder with the words, “you proved yourself sweetheart.”
    Women will know your place in their hearts at the first meeting, but will intentionally wish you literally walked over thorns to get to them, which will make them see you as a warrior.
  3. You’re yet to excite her and break the walls around her
    Women want you to work around the clock to intrigue their life and be overtly funny to them. So if you commit the error and come out as boring in the initial stages of dating, you force them to pause their opening up to you, for further vetting of you.
    Or if she saw your weakest points that are punishable in men, she will instantly drive you through a loop until you burn out and lose interest.
    Women don’t play hard to get for fun. And in most cases, they are thinking of someone else and not you.

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