I have never been a prostitute.

Pamela Odame Watara the Ghanaian Instagram model and upcoming actress has denied allegation that she was once a prostitute.

Few days ago,Nana Tonardo was on Nayas Adult Show where he made claims that, Pamela was a big time prostitute at a vibrant and rich town in Accra called Osu.

According to the controversial actor, Pamela told him that she was a Kenyan.He added that, they had sex the first time they met but he decided to dump her because of her fake lifestyle.

“I had a one-night stand with Pamela Odame.She was a prostitute.She told me she was a Kenyan and I believed her.I showed interest in her but I later relalized she is fake.I looked stupid when I saw her on TV because she lied to me” Tornado said in an interview.

Pamela reacted to the allegation on Atinka TV’s Entertainment show hosted by Nana Adwoa Annan, she explained that Tornado was just a friend she used to escort to night clubs but she is not a prostitute.

“This happened four or five years ago not now that I am popular than him. I had come to Accra not long ago and I didn’t understand Twi.Tornado was only a friend and I only accompanied him to the club to have fun and not a prostitute.We never had a one night stand like he is suggesting” Pamela told Nana Adwoa.

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