Ghana to go on another lockdown- GMA

The Ghana Medical association(GMA), has sent some words of caution to the Ghanaian public after the sudden rise in covid-19 cases. According to the association, Ghana is likely to go into another lockdown if the country’s covid-19 cases continue to rise.

General secretary of the association, Dr Titus Bayuo, speaking to Accra based Star fm said, if we don’t take care of ourselves, and continue to break the covid-19 safety precautions, we might be forced into another lockdown.

“If we don’t take care of ourselves, and looking at the trajectory, we might have to go back to lockdown but if that can be avoided, then why not” He said.

Dr.Bayuo continued that as it stands, we’re gradually pushing ourselves back to a likely lockdown.

“We’re pushing ourselves towards tougher restrictions. That is; ban on social gatherings, lockdown. And if we get there,the political leaders will have no other option.” Dr.Bayuo added.

Dr.Bayuo who was commenting on President Akuffo Addo’s recent address to the nation on the handling of the deadly disease, also quizzed if going back to lockdown is what Ghanaians want.

“Is that what we want? If that is not what we want, then we must act now” He quizzed.

Ghana has over the past weeks seen a huge rise in the trajectory of the deadly virus. The number of active cases has rised from 398 recorded three weeks ago, to 1139 active cases as of Friday.

The death toll stands at 320. The number of daily infection is also on the rise,as the average of 25 daily cases has now moved to an average of 130 new cases per day in the last two weeks.

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