This is the 21st century a period in history where data and technology drives countries and economies. The hard fact is our country Ghana is not at par with developed nations with respect of technology, data and economic buoyancy. However the dreams and aspirations of the ordinary Ghanaian must not be cut short. The Ghanaian culture has shaped our minds and by no fault of ours we have fallen victim. It is time we wake up!
You might have heard the term global village. It simply means a connected world. This is the 21st century reality. The world as it stands today has moved beyond boundaries or borders as barriers or demarcations to a more dependent where countries relate with each other with the hope of sharing ideas and benefiting from each other,
Ghanaians must not be left out of this all dynamic world. The youth most especially need to have a place in it. The most important gift the youth has is time, which they must ensure they utilise it to its fullest. In this article I shall be discussing how the average Ghanaian can make it during this period. I have already written an article on dubbed the “the upside to the lockdown”, but this piece will be very detailed. The President on his 18th Address to the nation indicated that the academic calendar for universities will begin next year, thus 2021 January second cycle inclusive. Thus this article is targeted at this group of persons.
It is important to note that universities graduate thousands of students each year and all these graduates will be competing for the limited job vacancies. Yes, there are jobs, yes they are limited, but the question is how you get selected above the thousands of applicants on the job market. Having the competitive edge is very important and I will do my best to engage it to the maximum.
Competitive edge is a very essential tool in the selection of agents for job opportunities, it will amaze you to know that creating your competitive edge requires just a simple effort. The vast majority of graduates are very “book centred”, thus they mostly lose sight of some relevant life kills that makes them employable. I will take you through some life hacks that will be beneficial to you. The fun part is that you can acquire these skills from now till the next academic calendar starts in 2021.
Public speaking is the most sought after skill in the job market according to American researchers. The ability to speak in public is a rare but important employment trait as employers require confident, outspoken and eloquent people to handle publicity and engagements with other agencies. As you while away time, you must make a conscious effort to train yourself in acquiring the necessary oral skills. Watch videos on Public Speaking, get a Public Speaking coach who will take you through the process to becoming a good speaker.
Mentorship is an essential part of human growth. Whatever you want to be has been achieved by someone and or there is someone who can guide you to achieve your dreams. This is the most important thing for every growing adolescent. Guidance is essential as your actions and decisions are mostly made simple and organised within the tangent of achieving your dream. Connect with someone within your field and get the necessary guidance.
Bands and music have become a part of our society and there is a growing demand for instrumentalists and people who are music oriented. If you are music inclined, you need to take this opportunity to learn an instrument, intern at a music studio or stand forming a band. This will set you off on a path to becoming what you want to be.

Side jobs or let me put it as entrepreneurship is fast becoming a thing amongst the youth as many have realised the scarcity of jobs in the job market. Learning a trade gets to the needed competitive edge as you become knowledgeable in the area of sales, marketing as well as management. You can learn hand woven stuff as it is gradually becoming a need.
Life experiences are very relevant and it gives you an edge above the average person competing with you for the same opportunity. Something as simple as operating an elevator can be complex and embarrassing for the average graduate, you must take time to have some experience in this and it will make you fit in every place you are placed.
Whilst you wait for school to resume you can apply for attachments at an organisation within your field of study. This is very important as it will help you get the necessary hands on experience especially in our world of job experiences as a requirement for employment.
For the smart students who can, you must apply and start learning for the Graduate Record Examination, which they can use in applying for further studies outside the country. For the lovers of politics like myself who aspire to become politicians and or political agents this is the period to invest your time to under study people already in the field.
Take time to visit interesting places her in Ghana as your experiences there may be important in a conversation tomorrow. Cultivate the habit of reading. Most of us are very bad at that, it is important to widen your scope of knowledge, read anything from your speciality to general as that will make you an all-round person.
Dear reader regardless of your gender, it is time to work out, learn some kitchen skills from parents and or guardians which will come in handy for you in the future. Use this time to strengthen your love life, it’s very necessary.
Age they say is just but a number, you can contact me for life coaching as I will avail myself to assist you within my means. This is a wakeup call….



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