Advice to the growing youth- Bless Ansah Antwi(Chairman Nebu)


The dream of every growing adult in Ghana regardless of place of stay, ethnic group and social class is the same. In the vast majority of instances we all want to make it big, get the best of life and live happily.

These aspirations shape our choices and the decisions we make with regards to education, jobs etc. As a social commentator and an observational writer, this article will engage the realities of life after tertiary education.

There are many illusions existing within the current space and I think it’s important I address them in this article. Our education is mostly targeted at theories; few universities are equipped with the resources to afford students quality practical work. Thus most graduates are theoretical and lack a solid grasp of real life applications. Well, that’s not today’s discussions. Going through university we all had dreams that after our study we will it the preferred place of service get employment and move on.

Sadly this is just an illusion. Our social media spaces are being flooded with messages of special postings, a lot of people want to be placed at industries where they will get a lot of beneficial consequences. Well this is mostly influenced the drive to get a better future, but on the hind sight it shows how the growing youth does not put first nation building, patriotism has become a word used for nice speeches but its application is lacking a lot in our actions.

Regardless of our interests we must understand that an aggregate growth is better than individual growth. The illusion that being posted to your place of choice will give you the best of life is mostly not true. We must begin to accept the state of our country and as the growing youth we must accept the responsibility to build it together.

Employment after service, impressing supervisors and a lot of thoughts that influence the decisions of our youth are all untrue. I will give you the social reality of issues in this article.

Your allowance is likely to delay for the first two months, this should influence your budget ahead of your National Service, impressing your colleagues, and overly dressing to work will only run your pocket dry. Being presentable shouldn’t break a bank. Direct employment doesn’t exist in the vast majority of instances, thus you need to readjust your focus and look at planning for life after Service. What must you aim at doing; form micro-savings groups with at most 10 persons and save at least GH 100.00 every 2 weeks or monthly. Financial strength is the number one cause for stagnation of dreams. You must be disciplined enough to save for life after service.

Form healthy connections with other service personnel. This move is very essential given the interwoven nature of our society. A healthy connection affords you the opportunity to learn and share resources that will benefit you. Most healthy connections or relationships lead to recommendations and appointments in the long term and that should be your focus.

For the guys smelling good can help you break ice approaching the ladies, always be intelligent in your conversations to keep the discussions going. This commands respect, necessary tool for long relevant relationships. For the ladies if its beans and plenty gari is what you like don’t be shy eating that.

Make it a commitment to sacrifice your first allowance as an offering to God and religiously pay your tithes.

Special Posting doesn’t guarantee a special future after service, financial indiscipline will cut your future after service short. Hasty unhealthy relationships will render your future stagnant.

These words of caution must be taken as a friendly advice from a brother. The presence of information assists us make decisions that is one of the reasons why I sat to write this piece.

We are in a country with a struggling economy you must be careful not to find yourself at the wrong end of the discussions.

I cannot end without acknowledging some individuals who have blessed my life positively. In no particular order, I appreciate Amos Doudu, Tetteh Derrick, Enoch Mensah and all who have been good to me.
I have my lenses on and I shall return when they see a pressing societal issue. Stay safe

Bless Ansah Antwi (Chairman Nebu)
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